Introducing SuperBoard™
Don’t re-type it, save it so you can just tap it!

Stop retyping the same text and phrases over again! Save whatever you type or read in Superboard, and re-use later wherever you need it. Create buttons and custom keyboards to make messaging customers, sales prospects, co-workers and friends on your iPhone or iPad faster and easier.

Superboard even automatically saves web links for you to make sharing them a breeze. Built in undo and cursor keys make it simple to always place text exactly where you want it. Superboard also includes a full keyboard with ABC/123 and punctuation boards so you never have to switch back to another keyboard just to type text.

Works in any app that supports custom keyboards, including Messages, Notes, Mail, Safari, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp and many more. Superboard’s innovative and unique save function works with just a single tap in the keyboard, no more jumping through hoops selecting and copying and finding an app to save to. Superboard does not require full access, so you can keep full access off to be confident everything you type and save in it is privately secured in your iPhone or iPad by iOS 8.